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The Traveler - Origins

Discussion in 'Poetry, Songs, Stories' started by Dante Chaos, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    *This is a remake of the original topic: The Traveler - Bonds of Power

    A old man is sitting in front of a fireplace in a comfy chair reading a book.
    Suddenly two children come rushing in yelling "Grandfather!"

    The man closes his book and puts it on a small table next to him as the children hop on his lap.

    "Well well, if it is't my favorite little rascals. How are you two doing?" he asked the kids.

    "We are doing fine." They said in perfect sync
    Their parents walked in behind them and greeted the man as well.

    "Grandfather, can you tell your story again? on how it all started?" the kids asked.

    The old man looked at the parents and they knodded, thus he started to tell how it all began.

    It was a on a regular Saturday evening that i started this adventure of mine. I just finished watching an anime on my computer and was getting ready to got to bed.
    I opened my door and turned off the light as to not make my parent wake up from it.
    As usual my father was snoring loudly but for some reason my mother did not hit him to make him stop. It was as she was sound asleep as well.
    After brushing my teeth and putting on some pajamas i took Sparta my pet hamster down to the living room so he could run to his content while not waking me up from it.

    When i put his cage down and saw him stick out his head from his house i watched him walk around his cage and then run around in his wheel for a bit.

    I continued to watch him until a bright light was shining into the room. When i looked at it i saw that the moon was shining through the window and i walked up to the window looking at the room.

    I often dreamed of having some unique power granted to me by the moon. Yep i had quite the imagination as a kid and still got it as an adult.

    While looking at the moon i noticed that something was different. It felt as something was calling me a feeling like that there was somewhere you had to be.
    Suddenly the light became stronger around me and my right hand began to glow.
    As if i knew what to do i held out my hand towards the window and a portal began to open.

    I hesitated for a bit but then i just went with it and stepped through the portal.
  2. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    As i opened my eyes i saw a blue sky above me, clouds slowly drifting where the wind would take them.
    I yawned as i stood up and saw a view beyond my wildest dreams. I was on a hilltop overlooking a small town below it.

    As i gathered my senses i started to walk down the hill into the town.

    While walking downhill i looked around seeing forests to the left and right of me and the town in front.
    Suddenly i tripped on a rock and lost my footing making me roll down the hill only to hit face front into a tree.

    I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and water being wrangled from a cloth.
    As i opened my eyes i saw a young woman sitting beside me.

    "Oh, your awake!
    Father come quick. He woke up."

    A few moments later a man walked into the room and said: "That did not take him long. You been out for almost half a day son."

    I sat up and felt a sharp sting on my forehead, it was bandaged but i could clearly feel where i hit the tree with.
    "Thank you for taking care of me. I tripped on a rock when i walked downhill and hit a tree."

    The man laughed and said: "Yes, we could clearly see that with that big bruise on your head.
    Well if you feel well enough come join us in the dining room, dinner is almost ready."

    He walked out of the doorway into the other room.

    "Ah, i forgot to introduce myself. My name is Allysia Herring" she said while standing up.

    "Nice to meet you Allysia. My name is ..."
    I stopped for a moment, thinking i could use any name possible since nobody knew me, i just went with the first one that flew into my mind.
    "My name is Dante Gemini."

    I stood up out of bed and put my shoes on then i followed Allysia into the other room
  3. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    We sat at the dining table, Allysia's father and mother both introduced them self to me as did I.

    "We don't get many visitors these days. Rumor has it that a demon has found its way into our village."

    "A demon?" i asked surprised.

    "Yes, a demon. Many roam this land and we are no match for them, i heard that the major hired a mercenary to get rid of it."

    "Father, please he just woke up. He does not need to hear our troubles." Allysia interupted.
    "So tell us where you are from Dante. If i may ask."

    I thought for a short moment and said: "From the far west. A place called The Netherlands."
    They all looked surprised yet Allysia said: "I have never heard from that place. Is it far?"

    "Yes it's rather far. Though i don't like to talk about that place."

    As time progressed we talked about the town and about other things.
    Allysia's father offered that i should stay the night and then decide on what i wanted to do. An offer which i gladly take, thus i took it.

    When morning came Allysia came to wake me up. To bad for her i was already awake.
    As we ate breakfast Allysia offered me to show the town. Of course i accepted and when we where done eating we went outside.
    We walked around town telling me about several places such as the blacksmith, tailor, church and town square.
    We sat down near a bench close to the fountain when we suddenly heard a scream coming from a alley close by.

    Several people rushed towards it as so we did. When we arrived what we saw was something you would not show to your enemy.

    A male body was disemboweled and lying there like a rag doll. It looked as his internal organs where missing.

    "Wow, what happened to him"

    Suddenly several people shouted that a demon got him. Again this demon nonsense. Did i came into a world where real demons appear?

    "We should go back home." Allysia said while tugging my shirt.
    We went back to her house and told her parents what happened.
    "I was afraid of this. Now they will show up."
    "Silver eyed witches"

    Then it dawned on me. Demons, intestines removed, silver eyed witches. Those where clay more, demon hunters. When i thought on this the only thing in my mind that popped up was getting a weapon to defend myself.

    "I see, well if i wish to continue on my journey i would need to arm myself. I shall see the blacksmith... oh crap, i don't have any money on me."

    Allysia's father walked out of the room and returned shortly after. He threw me a small bag which felt like metal coins in it.
    "Here, use this. I think you will have better use for it."

    "I, i dont know what to say?"
    "Stay alive kid, stay alive." he said as he walked out of the room again.

    "What are you going to do?" Allysia asked me.

    "Get a weapon, get a feeling for it and then i shall see."
    I put the small pouch of money in my pocket and went outside.

    "It's best that you stay indoor Allysia, you will be save with your parents."
    I said as i walked off towards the blacksmith.

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