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Monster School: The First Year

Discussion in 'Role Play Central' started by Dante Chaos, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    It was getting late and the girls had to get back home to their dorms or home and where brought home by the family limo.
    Not knowing that both Saiya and Kaji where seated in the same dorm room they where both evenly suprised Saiya more pumped up than normal and talked with Kaji till late in the night before they went to sleep.

    Meanwhile that evening....

    "Lady's and Gentlemen, welcome to Starters Arena. Here you shall see the new people fight eachother for a spot in the rankings. Everyone has there first fight here and they shall recieve ranking based on their performance. Remember this night there are no losers.
    Well no real ones."

    2 people walked into the arena on each side and people where cheering for both of them.

    "Tonight we have the new Student Rune Moon from Mount Saint versus Rodin Orha from Beelzes forest. Betting has finished and no new bets can be placed. Lets see the odds are 1 against 5 for Rune Moon.
    Oh man he aint loved by the audence it seems.
    Well lets get this show on the road. Contestends ready! Fight!"

    Rodin made the first move and dashed towards Rune who just stood there. He pulled back and trew a punch towards rune who only moved his head to dodge the punch which was followed by a kick in the stomach.
    To Rodin who jumped back and grabbed his feet in pain made the audience wonder what happened.

    Rune covered the place where Rodin kicked with a thick layer of ice that broke down after several seconds.
    Before Rodin knew it Rune was in front of him and used a ice covered fist to knock him down and made him fly a few feet in a spinning way.

    "And Rodin has been sent flying by the new student who seems to use ice as his primary weapon and defence. What shall Rodin do now?"

    Rodin stood up and whiped the blood from his lip away. He roared and began to change into his monster form: an ogre. He grew twice his size and overshadowed Rune who just looked up.

    Rodin swinged his fist towards run who dodged it and slided under Rodin using ice created below him then he holded out his hand and a giant ice hammer appeared wich he swinged towards Rodin's back and took the full blow which send him flying once again.

    Rodin was now steaming of anger and rushed towards run and used both his arms to smash at Rune. Rune created a shield of ice above him to absorb the impact.

    "A shield of ice, amazing. Our new contestant is surely holding out in there. What shall happen next!"

    Rune whispered some words and suddenly ice began to encase Rodin. When he was fully encased in it Rune snapped his fingers and the ice shattered making hundreds of cuts on Rodings body who fell down afterwards.

    "We have a winner. Rune Moon has won his first match!" and the crowd was cheering for Rune now.

    The next day...

    Math class was over and it was time for lunchbreak.
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I stepped outside and let out a large stretch. "Why does math have to be so boring?" I said, yawning loudly. Just then, a woman touched me. I immediately snapped my arm away from the direction, "Don't you know what happens when you play with fire, girl?"

    "Maybe I was hoping to find out..." came a very soft reply from a rather pretty woman.

    "Forget it, lady. You apparently don't know who you're dealing with. I'm not the type for cutesy little games."

    "Oh, is that so, Dio? I know exactly who I'm dealing with, and I know the perfect game for you. A fight against a C-class monster would be the perfect play date for you, and possibly, if you survive, a great first date for us..." Her voice was very seductive sounding, and the mention of a fight certainly grabbed my attention, as well.

    "So, it seems you do know me. But I don't know who you are. And what makes you think that a C-class would stand a chance against me? What exactly is a C-class, anyway? And...what makes you think you're my type?" My tone had changed from aggressive to curious.

    She stepped up to me, put her finger in one of my belt loops and a finger from her other hand in the collar of my shirt and pulled me in closely as she whispered in my ear, "Maybe you should come to me after school and find all of that out for yourself. The information is on the paper....when you get there, ask for me...Ruby...see you there, Diablo." she turned and walked away just as Sophie and Kaji came walking up, leaving a piece of paper in my hand.
  3. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    As i walked outside to get some fresh air from being stuck in the classroom for so long i saw Ruby walk away from another guy from my class who looked agitated.
    Seeing that made me wonder if she gave him the same offer as she did to me.
    I shrucked it off and found a quiet place on a bench and took out my lunch before i would get interupted by my sister.


    Saiya talked with her classmates before she went and look for her new friends that she made yesterday.
    Hearing that they where already outside she ran out towards the yard and looked out like a eagle searching for prey when she found them and ran up to them.

    "Hiii, Sophie, Kaji, Dio!" she yelled while running up to them.
  4. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    As she and kaji walked up to Dio the look on Sophie's face was not a pleasant one. Her brother was overbearing a protective but Sophie was no less protective of Dio. The difference being temperment and strength. Dio was definitly the stronger of the too but Sophie had more emotional control of her temper than Dio. "Who was that girl and why was she trying to drape her self all over you?" Sophie's tone was more commanding then questioning almost sounding like their mother for a brief moment.

    Although in a quick collection of herself and a quick straightening of her skirt and clearing of her throat as if catching her own words she looked up again at Dio. "Whatever it is she wanted just make sure its not leading us into trouble otherwise mother will have a fit and I really don't want to have to go without supper again like the last time I followed you into trouble." With that thought Sophie seemed to pull out several twinkies from a pocket somewhere and appeared to open her mouth unnaturally wide to devour them in one bite puffing her cheeks slightly. After she swallowed her regular smile returned to her face. Also She could her Saiya calling to them as she raced towards them.
  5. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I scoffed at Sophie and lifted the piece of paper in my hand to look at what it said. "This is the address for the gymnasium, but the athletic building doesn't have a back door.....does it? Sophie, we may have to go our separate ways tonight." She quickly got that look in her eyes and she squinted in complete disapporval. "Okay, okay....you can come with me. But I swear, if somethin' happens and you get in the way, I'm not going to be held responsible for what happens. Understood?" She nodded her head and turned to Kaji and Saiya, asking them if they wanted to come along. I scratched at the tattoo on the side of my neck, anticipating a little fun tonight, but nothing spectacular.

    The day went on as it usually did. Sophie dragged me around a few places in town, showing me all different types of human styled shoes that she wanted, constantly reminding me that her birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. We went to her favorite eating spot, a place called 'Applebees' which specialized in human food, as they called it. I really didn't see the difference between what the humans ate and what we ate, it all tasted the exact same. But soon, the sun began to set, and that meant that I was about to make my way back to the school's athletic building. Something was happening every night that I was unaware of, but I was going to find out.

    We took a taxi back to the school, paid the driver, and I immediately headed around to the back. There was never a door in the back of the building, just a huge window....however, there was in fact a door this time. A large, metallic door with writing above it that read: "Tonight is the night that you let your monster side take control." I chuckled at the thought as I entered, Sophie, Kaji, and Saiya quickly behind me. We walked down a flight of stairs to a wooden door. We walked through the door to a huge arena type area. There were hundreds of people here, a lot of them from school, but most I couldn't tell where they were from. A man walked up to me and introduced himself as the coordinator, telling me that he was happy I decided to show up and that I was next. I heard a resounding "OOOOOOH!" come from the crowd and an announcer explain that the fight was over. The coordinator lead me away from the girls and down some more stairs into a locker room of some sort. There were people everywhere down here, stretching and talking, just getting ready to fight it seemed. Off to my left there was an infirmary with a couple of nurses and the school doctor. The coordinator led me to yet another door, opened it, and shoved me out, "Good luck on your next fight, Dio...you'll need it." I looked back at him as he closed the door.

    "Well ladies and gents, it seems that the next fight is about to start. Who do we have here......Crampy...what kind of a name is that? Whatever, Crampy the water elemental! And his challenger for the night is....oh this is rich! Dio! The school's only Diablo! This is going to be a quick fight, my money's on Crampy!! Let the games begin!" A song started playing and the guy on the other side of the arena started laughing. "This is my song, they've already declared me the winner, and the crowd doesn't even know who you are. Let's make this quick, I have somewhere else to be." He charged at me blindingly quick and hit me with a fist imbued with water. The pain was excrutiating, and it took me a moment to get up from the hit, only to be hit again. The next five minutes or so were simply me getting my ass kicked and the crowd falling silent as this guy's relentless onslaught continued.

    "Why would they pit me against a water elemental for my first fight? I don't understand..." I got a couple of hits in, but nothing spectacular. He got a really good hit in, which would have put me down for the count. A soccer kick to the mid-section followed by another soccer kick to the face, putting me on my back and unable to find the strength to get up.

    He stood above me, laughing as he summoned a sword. We were interrupted by a familiar voice, screaming for him to stop. I looked down, across my body, in the direction of my feet to see Sophie and Kaji standing at the door to the arena. Sophie, again, had tears in her eyes. Crampy didn't seem to have any compassion for people who stopped his fight and charged at them. Sophie was quick to get out of the way, but Kaji stumbled and fell to the ground in her attempts. Crampy focused on her as she cowered in the corner. He raised his sword and brought it down....

    I sprinted as fast as I could and jumped in between him and her, my face only a few inches from her own. I was down on one knee, glaring at her, until the sword entered my body. She just looked at me, terrified. The crowd, again, went silent. The announcer didn't say anything. Another song started playing as I stood up. The heat in the arena began to grow at an exponential rate, causing the sword that was now sticking out of my chest and back to simply melt. In a voice that was much deeper, almost demonic, I screamed "RUN!!" Fire began to swirl around me as I started to transform into the Diablo that everyone knew me as. I heard a voice in my head, "When desperation calls, you will obey." I finished my transformation and looked down at Kaji, now much larger than I was before. "It's time for you to go..." A giant mace formed in my hands and I spun around hitting Crampy square in the midsection, sending him flying across the arena. Don't come cryin' for help when the fires surround you. I am the ruthless bane of a wicked world, my soul was conceived in the fires of war. I am Diablo....all others will fall."

    Crampy stood up and angrily shot a huge wave of water at me. I slammed my right foot forward and screamed. As the water headed towards me, a massive circle of flame surrounded me, stopped the water in a giant plume of smoke. I screamed louder and shot flames directly into the water, evaporating all of the water all the way to Crampy, who simply crumbled under the immense heat of the flames. A giant purple net went above the arena and ice formed across the top to eliminate the heat that was now effecting the audience who were now screaming woo hoo's and hoorays. I walked over to the crouching Crampy once the flamed had died down. He looked up at me with eyes that begged for mercy, but my eyes met his with no mercy to be found. I raised my mace above my head, it began to glow a bright shade of red, "Your life ends here, your wickedness shall burden no one any longer." I brought the mace down and encircled us in flames. Just then, the door to the arena opened and large group of guards ran out, putting a stop to the fight.

    "And just in time to stop the death of our dear Crampy, the guards rush in to save the day. I declare the winner, but a molten lava landslide, DIO BIALLO!! What a fight! What a display of unbridled power! I can't wait to see more of this guy!!"

    I turned around to face the guards, who had all already transformed into their monster forms. "It amuses me that you believe you would stand a chance against me..." I waved my hand and all of the flames in the arena, as well as the heat, disappeared immediately and I returned to my normal state. I walked out of the arena, meeting Sophie and Kaji in the locker room area.
  6. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    Sophie was not one for violence but she knew Dio had a spark for competition. When the Water element started hammering her brother though it brought visions of his many times coming home beaten and battered. Tears welled up in her eyes. Then the water elemental turned his attention towards them and began to charge. Instinct told her to move and she did so quickly only to turn and watch Kaji stumble and trip. Sophie tried as hard as she could to get back to Kaji just as Cramoy reached her and raised his weapon to strike but out of the arena Dio was faster and horrifyingly so got in the way of the strike. Kaji was stiff with fright as this all took place literally infront of her nose. Just As Dio's vioce began to change and he spoke Sophie didn't stop to listen. With her dragon strength she grabbed kaji by the body and hoisted her up and carried her far out of danger and reach.

    What happened next in the arena left her breathless and curious. Her mother had said Dio was definitly a red dragon but that was no red dragon in the ring. She thought he always smelt funny for being a red but never had she seen him in dragon form either. So what the hell was that in the arena with the water elemental. The fight was over quickly and guards were escorting Dio out of the ring who made no expression other than annoyance. He saw Sophie and Kaji and pointed at the locker room to meet him there and so they started walking that way. Sophie was still in too much awe to register if kaji was doing okay but it seemed she was not the only one who took note of Dio.

    Not far away some young men with red shirts took not of Dio with scowls as well as took note of Sophie as well. One sniffed the air. "ya man looks like the legends and storys are true one has been born again and with a lousy silver no less." As the boy refered to Sophie being a silver he spit on the ground as if it ws something vile on his tongue. Then another boy smirked. Lets see how she handles the ring in a suprize match maybe we can get more of a rise out of this Dio and see what he is about. The quickly ran for the two girls.

    In a few breaths they were close enough that Sophie caught the scent on the air and she felt a sudden urge in her to be threatened and angry. She pushed kaji somewhat harshly into the locker room as she turned to face 4 glaring boys in red shirts. The suphuic smell of the reds permiated the air. She stood between them and the locker room to Kaji and Dio. The then slowly circled her taunting her and poking at her trying to make her more scared and angry.To them she was a worthles silver. They all knew what she was, Yet no other person close by would come to her aid. It was as if no one could see it happeneing. Judging from the shirts and insignias they were either a clan or a gang either or she had to get away from them. She tried to rush past and they only blocked her until one struck her and she tried to strike back. Then a guard noticed and grabbed her and the man. "Dagon really you know the rules all fights held in the arena." The boy smirked and then issued a piece of paper. it was then the guard went stern and marched them both into the arena that was no empty. This time though the arena door was locked behind them.

    This vindictive red had gotten he locked into an arena match she had not agreed too. She kept backing away as the announcer blaster over the speaker system." Well what do we have here folks. An age old battle of rivalry I would say a Red vs a...wait this can't be right why yes folks it is the first time in many years we are being treated to a Silver in our arena. Let the battle commence." The red roared in delight as he stretched and grew and unleashed his dragon form towering over Sophie. Sophie tried running to the other side of the arena but in human form she had no chance of out running him.

    Dio had heard the announcement from the locker room and had come running out to the arena as fast as he could with kaji right behind him only to see his sister trying desperatly to keep away from a raging Red in the arena. The guards seeing Dio quickly approached him making sure he did not interfere with the fight. Sophie was crying in the arena already. Then the dragon managed to make a connection with his tail sending her flying across the arena like a ragdoll. Three boys not far from Dio were cheering and jeering at the fight. The three friends of the red currently fighting.

    Sophie could taste blood on her tongue as she tried to lift herself. She had no choice she had to change. In a flash of light and movement Sophie was standing on all four claws and roaring back at the Red who now stopped in his tracks. He grumbled something about it was about time she made her worthless stand and ment her fate. Even in dragon form Sophie was still smaller than the fearsome red. The Red was stronger and bigger. Words echoed in her head from when she used to wrestle with Dio."You know Sophie just cause your smaller doesn't mean you can't fight. Just means ya gotta use what you got. Your faster and smaller meaning you can dodge and move faster, If you can evade me long enough well you would tire me out and then you could beat me." Of course she never did but she was indeed faster. The red lashed out with its open jaw as she quickly moved and snaked around the red constantly moving. She was like liquid mercury moving around the arena trying not to get hit.

    Dio smiled she was doing exactly what he had taught her to do in the past. Evade and tire them out make your enemy angry and foolish. The Red was definitly angry. He was throwing tantrums now because Sophie would not sit still and take her deserved beating from the red. With another jump and flap of her wings she used her paralyzing breath but only managed to hit his front leg which immediatly caved underneath the red. He slammed into the ground. As he did so he opened his own mouth to unleash his fire breath. This was Sophie's moment. She remebered something her dad said about dragon breath make sure you can expel when you start otherwise to ingest your own breath can be very harmfull. With the Red down a leg she slapped her tail in a coil around the mouth of the red and jumped on his back throwing him off balance even more.

    He tried to claw at her with his good legs and claws but to no avail he could not shake her off and he had already tried to breath fire which was now burning him internally. He could not expell the breath and was now swallowing the heated fire from his own lungs. Sophie then realeased him as they both returned to their human forms. He lay on the ground racked with pain and vomiting liquid fire from his gut. Sophie on the otherhand was bleeding from many cuts and bruised from her tangle with the giant red. She looked over at Dio who showed concern but was smiling iat her with approval. he announcer was going on about the silver beating a red and how damaging to ones ego that must be but she was no longer listening as she watched a medic team rush to the boy in the arena and she quickly was ushered to a locker room.
  7. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I turned as the three remaining reds ran over to me, angry as angry could be. They began to threaten me and Kaji. I scoffed and held up my right hand in the form of a closed fist. The heat around me began to climb expontentially, to the point that the guards surrounding us began to back off. Even the three reds found the heat too much to take. "You dare think that you would stand a chance against a Diablo? Drgonkin or not, I will tame the beast inside and make you do my every bidding. Go fetch me a drink before I melt the skin off your fragile bones. Don't dare come to me and deman retribution for you will find nothing but death and chaos. Don't think for a second that I will bow to anyone's wishes or commands." I then turned to the guards, "And don't dare think that you could hold me back. If I wanted to join that fight to protect my sister, I would have destroyed you, these reds, and the human girl behind me, along with anyone else who got in my way. You are nothing but mere playthings to me! Stay out of my way, lest you desire death." I turned towards Kaji, without looking down at her, and kept walking towards the way I saw Sophie running....the cafeteria signs pointed in the same direciton.
  8. Domino

    Domino CGO


    Everything was happening so fast. One minute, I'm paralyzed with the fear of my own demise, then I'm being jerked around by Sophie! Watching Dio transform made my knees weak, and Sophie was practically dragging me to safety. I was relieved when the fight was over to see that Dio had control over his other form. I hated to think what would happen if something like that didn't have control at all...

    After heading to the locker room, my head was spinning with confusion, fright, and a bit of wonder. Then, four guys came up and started hassling Sophie about something, reminding me of the same kind of bullies from the Human world. I guess some things are universal... When it seemed to get more heated, I did the only thing I could think of.

    "Dio!" I said, a little out of breath, as I burst into the locker room. "Something's going on, and I think Sophie may be in trouble." Dio scoffed and insisted that Sophie could handle herself. That is until we heard the announcement of the next match over the intercom, at which point he rushed out of the locker room and towards the arena, so fast that I could barely keep up.

    I winced as Sophie was thrown against the wall by a giant red dragon, then blew an exasperated breath and plopped down on the ground as I watched her transform into what I could confidently assume was a silver dragon. I was quite impressed with how quickly Sophie ended the match, and I jumped to my feet and cheered for her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the other three guys moving towards us.

    I can't say that I was surprised with Dio's response to the boys, but something he said got everyone in the immediate vicinity's attention. "...human girl..."

    The guard looked at me, then turned and said something into a radio that was sitting on his shoulder. I started to follow Dio to meet up with Sophie, but was intercepted by two more guards.

    "Where do you think you're going, human?" one said.

    "You know, I thought I smelled something foul around here," the other guard said, giving me a wicked grin.

    My heart was racing now, and a slight breeze began to blow. I tried to go around the guards, to just ignore them, but they got in my way again. My mouth was dry, and when I tried to call out to Sophie and Dio, nothing came out. The guards laughed at me and pushed me towards the arena. Then the next match was announced, and I was sure I was going to vomit.

    "Hold the phone, ladies and gents! Tonight is just one of those nights you don't want to miss here in the arena! Yet ANOTHER spectacular match is on the way. This time, we'll see what chance a human girl has against our very own Sumar The Hammer!"

    "Try to last a while, make it interesting for the audience at least," the guard said as he slammed the arena door in my face.

    Whispers filled the arena as I turned to face the arena. As the breeze grew larger, I distinctly heard some saying that it wasn't going to be exciting at all because I would be smashed within the first five minutes of the match. Other whispered about leaving, and still others were curious about why a human would even enter the ring with a monster.

    I began to sweat, and I finally saw my opponent. He was a rather large creature, made of what I could only deem some sort of earth. He seemed quite upset as he sized me up. "This is an insult to my abilities. A pathetic human girl?" He raised a fist and smashed it into the arena floor in front of him. Even though he was a good 20 yards away, the earth quaked under my feet, forcing me to the ground.

    I couldn't hold back the trembling or tears anymore. I was sure I was going to die right there. Suddenly, the wind picked up so much that some of the crowd had to chase their hats. My vision was blurry from tears now, and my stomach began to turn flips as the arena started to spin. Somehow I managed to see my opponent rush towards me. I barely got out of the way as he brought a fist down on the spot where I just was. I tripped over my feet, falling to my hands and knees as he readied for his next attack. The wind picked up so much at this point that I shielded my eyes with my arm, much like a lot of the crowd.

    "Now this is interesting folks. It seems as though some sort of wind keeps rushing through the arena. Hold on to your belongings, because we are not responsible for any items lost!" came the announcer again.

    The wind was blowing fiercely now, and swirls of it began to form around me. I shut my eyes and felt a sensation I'd never felt before. I felt somewhat weightless, and the wind was very calming to me. "Let me help you," said a voice inside of me. Without any warning, I lost control of my body.

    "Wait a minute folks! It seems the human wasn't a mere human after all! We haven't had a wind elemental in the ring in quite a while. What a treat indeed!"

    The winds picked up even more at this point, knocking the crowd over in some spots, throwing empty chairs around. My opponent had his arms raised in front of his face and was digging his feet into the arena floor to in, trying not to be pushed back by the force. I felt my arm raise, a fan in my hand. In a swift motion, wind was sent in Sumar's direction, chipping away at his arms and shoulders. He howled in pain and rushed forward in blind rage.

    "Fool," said the same voice I'd heard in my head, only now it was coming out of my mouth. My body sent another onslaught of wind at him, cutting even deeper this time and sending him flying into the arena wall. He slumped to the ground, and after a moment, shook his head and got to his feet. This time he hit the ground, and spikes of earth rose in a single line from where he was to my location. I wanted to jump, but my body wouldn't let me. When I looked down, I realized I was floating in the air, and one of the spikes, which would have done serious damage, was right below me. I felt both of my arms reach out, and the wind moved swiftly underneath Sumar, raising him from the arena floor. With a rush of energy, more wind raced through the arena, slamming poor Sumar into the ceiling. The wind immediately died down, and he began his descent. I watched in terror as he fell, unconscious, to the ground, creating an indentation in the earth where he landed.

    "Wow! What a turnaround! The hum-I mean wind elemental just destroyed Sumar! I believe we have a winner!"

    I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. I had to regain control of myself. I focused on reigning in the energy that was being released from my body. I could feel the other side of me struggling against my efforts. After a few moments, the wind began to die down, and I felt myself slowing drift to the ground.

    "I will not be contained forever," I heard inside of me. As the wind fell still, so did the crowd as all eyes were on me. I took one look around, then fainted.
  9. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member


    The emergency crew quickly took Kaji away to the infirmary. The other stood as they saw her being rushed away. Another crew took Sumar aswell as he sustained the most injuries.

    "Well folks we have one fight left this evening and boy has it been a suprising night or what.
    For our last fight we have our returning winner ice man from yesterday Rune Moon versus Ryodin Amaki"


    Rune looked down from the sky box when he heard his name being called. He had a look that said, lets get this over with. He walked down towards the locker room.
    He removed his jacket and hanged it in a locker and went into the arena.

    His opponent also came into the arena and already was shouting towards the crowd:
    "Today, you shall withness the rise of the Amaki clan as i defeat Rune Moon. This is my destiny."

    Rune did not respond and just waited till the bell rang.
    *Ding Ding*

    The moment the bell rang Ryodin dashed towards run and trowed a punch at him wich Rune dodged.
    Rune countered with a kick to the stomach making Ryodin jump back afterwards.
    Ryodin quickly recovered and trowed several fire balls at Rune wich he intercepted with small ice shields appearing infront of him.
    "You wont win if you only guard!"

    After that comment Rune made a dash to Ryodin side and hit him with an ice punch causing more damage.
    Ryodin quickly jumped back and made another jump forward in a circle causing a flame wheel to appear.
    Rune jumped back to dodge Ryodin attack.
    "Haha, you wont win like this."

    Rune created a wall of ice infront of him then dashed to the side of it and kicked several pieces of the wall towards Ryodin who vaporised them with his fists of fire.

    "It that everything you have? Comon now. this is getting boring."

    "Repend for they have sinned against the moon. Ice storm!"
    Rune made a large cube of ice appear above him and then shattered it into thousend pieces raining down on Ryodin making several cuts before he could vaporize them.

    "You actually hit me good. Alright playtime is over."
    Ryodin Transformed into his monster form appearing as a Gold haired fox with six tailed each with flames on the end.
    "In this form you stand no chance against me."
    Ryodin dashed towards rune with increased speed as rune had now trouble to keep up with him. Ryodin Landed several blows to Rune with simple fire dashes wich made run fall on his knees for a moment.

    "Haha, you pitiful snowman, you are worthless. your family i worthless and i shall defeat them all. Starting with that cute little sister of yours..... what the.."

    The arena suddenly got very cold.
    "Wow, who turned on the air conditioning so high? No wait that's coming from Rune Moon. What is he up to?"

    "People like you give idle threats to taunt your enemy's but you made one mistake."

    Rune stood up and a blue glow appeared from him.
    "You shall never involve my sister in these fights. Prepare to enter the Frozen plains of Shiva's Domain!"

    The glow around Rune grew bigger and swallowed him whole still growing a figure could be seen in it. Much larger that Rune was.
    Suddenly a big pillar of ice appeared from the ground swallowing the now engulfed Rune.
    A cold silence was noticeable from the arena as no one cheered nor talked.

    Even Ryodin did not say anything until he heard a crack.

    The pillar of ice cracked suddenly breaking down and a Ice man twice the size of Rune appeared with a loud cry.
    In a deep dark voice: "You shall know the pain of being frozen over by unmeltable ice."

    "Pff like a flashy transformation scare's me."
    Ryodin Dashed towards rune and made several fire dashes against him but this time Rune did not flinch even once.

    Ryodin opened his mouth and a large fireball got shot out from it towards Rune who simply dissapeared only leaving a ice statue of him behind.

    Appearing right behind Ryodin Rune made several quick jabs against Ryodin who could feel the extreme cold coming from the punches.
    Rune jumped up and made a giant ice pillar with he then trow down on Ryodin.
    Ryodin quickly evaded the attack and fired another fireball towards Rune.

    This time Rune just simply stopped the fireball with his hand.
    "You fire is not strong enough to melt my ice."

    Rune threw the fireball away and proceeded to walk slowly towards Ryodin who did not know what to do next.
    "How can that be. Fire should be stronger than ice. It should melt you right away!"

    A smile could be seen from Rune's face before he said: "Embrace the ice cold breath of Shiva's domain. Sub Zero Ice storm!"

    The arena became filled with a blizzard causing vision to be null. It lasted for several minutes before dying down again.

    "Wow fokes, this fight took some time but look at this show! Rune moon letting his monster form show for the first time in his 2nd fight and his as it looks to be his rival just got his ass handed to him."
    After the storm died down Rune was back in his human form and Ryodin was completely frozen in ice.
    "Well there you have it. Winner is Rune Moon!"


    After Rune's fight the arena was quickly empty d out and most went back to the dorms or their homes.
    Dio did cause some trouble in the cafeteria before one of the staff threaten him with expulsion if he did not stop his mischief.
    Thanks to the excellent health care and mostly to that the nurse has a innate healing ability Kaji got off with a few bruises then got send to her dorm.

    The next day during lunch break Saiya found a opportunity to present her brother to the rest of the group.
  10. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I looked up at Saiya as she introduced her brother to us. "So, you're the ice guy I saw last night, eh? Yeah...nice to meet you, or whatever. But, let me tell you one thing. You may be a strong ice element, but you don't scare me. At all." I looked at him and bent back over my food before taking a long draw from my chocolate milk. "Ice...pfft...more like 'nice.'" I looked around the table at everyone looking at me. "WHAT?!"
  11. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She was not really surprised by Dio's reactions. Actually she was rather used to them. But she was more concerned with the twinkies that still sat on his food tray. She had already eated three trays her self and her cheeks were slightly and somewhat unnaturally puffed out when she then asked with a mouth full of food if Dio was going to finish it all. Damn she loved human food especially their pastries.
  12. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I grabbed my twinkies and tossed them at Sophie. "You need to slow down, sis....you're starting to embarass with your chipmunk face." I chuckled a little bit.
  13. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Rune & Saiya

    Rune did't mind the reaction Dio gave him and just replied with: "It's nice to meet you all. I am Rune Moon, Successor to the Moon clan"

    Both Rune and Saiya took a seat at the table everyone was sitting.
    Saiya took out her meal box and it revealed a very creative lunchbox.
    Rune's meal box was more normal but still good looking.

    "So i heard they are canceling all future matches cause of the dead student they found after the last matches."

    "Eavesdropping again are we." Rune said not batting a eye towards his sister.

    "So i saw your match last night Dio, Must say it was a good fight."
  14. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I heard something rather interesting, "Dead student, eh? How interesting. Yeah, it was a good fight, tough as nails, but water evaporates at some point....flames only cool off for so long. Saiya, this dead kid, what happened?
  15. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator


    She heard the comment about the dead student and saw Dio's instant curiosity. Yet Sophie felt her attention was best spent on other things and continued to eat whatever she could get her hands on even so far as to go get more from the cafeteria line and then sitting back down with Dio. She eyed Rune and his sister not fully trusting them. She had heard some stories about the clan of elementals since she herself was a silver dragon and they loved the mountains of ice and snow. Yet the silvers had survived by being very careful of new people even though they loved humans and their curiosity for things they did not know. Knowledge was a weakness even for Sophie not nearly as much as sweet human food though.
  16. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Rune & Saiya

    "I do not know the complete story as i could only listen in for a few minutes, they said the body was mutilated beyond recognition."
    Saiya said to Dio.
    "Sounds to me like either a beast or a reptile class monster to be the culprit." Rune said without looking at anyone.


    Meanwhile at the faculty office...

    "So your name is Azeyzel Hellyion, correct? " Shizuka said as she looked trough the transfer papers.
    "Right, and these two are... Cecelia and Mizuki. Alright the papers look in order." Shizuka said with a smile as she put the papers back on her desk.

    "Lunchbreak will be over soon so please come back to the Faculty office and I will bring you to the classroom. You are free to look around until then."
  17. Aziroth

    Aziroth Member

    Azeyzel bowed to Shizuka, but before he could leave the room, she laid a plain white face mask on the desk and said, "You should probably wear this if you plan to go outside and meet the other students. I know it says here in your file that you've spent most of your time in the underground, but" Azeyzel looked down and grabbed the face mask. He didn't say anything in response. "I'll speak to the headmaster about getting you a charm to wear so that you don't have to wear your hoodie or that mask to be sociable." After that, He glanced over at the other student, bowed to her, then back to Shizuka, and left the faculty room.

    Azeyzel walked the halls of the academy, looking at his gift and thought, *What does my sister expect me to learn going to this academy? Humans are just the scum that lives on this plain of existence to feed us vampires.* He sighed and then placed the mask over his face. It was surprisingly a comfy fit, like it was specially made for him. In order to test it out though, he needed to go outside, for the first time since he entered the human world. Azeyzel was reluctant, and hesitating at first, but if the mask helped him not get burned, maybe he would learn something so his sister wouldn't get mad. As much as he loved his older sister, he didn't enjoy her wrath.

    Azeyzel stopped at the entrance to the courtyard, and held his breath. He took a few steps outside and then looked up at the sky. Surprisingly, it wasn't black, but more of a blueish white. The light blinded him for a minute as he snapped his eyes shut, seeing purple and green shapes that eventually faded to black. Opened his eyes again and focused at the layout of the courtyard that he had grown accustomed to at night time.

    Azeyzel wandered over to an empty table and sat down with his back facing the wall. He observed all the other students eating their food and laughing. Silence reigned over him, and after a while, he began to feel sleepy. Going to school in the day time wasn't easy for him, but his sisters wrath kept going over and over in his head, reminding him of what would ensue if he chose to defy her orders.
  18. Sayuri

    Sayuri New Member

    Cecelia smiled and bowed in returned to the student called Azeyzel. For some reason her curiosity peaked a bit but was soon set right when she heard her brother Mizuki heave a heavy sigh, “Es ist nicht höflich zu starren.” (It’s not polite to stare) he said, his eyes still closed. “Oh hush, I can’t help if I’m curious.” Cecelia said then looked over at Shizuka, “Thank you Shizuka-sempi. I guess we will see you after lunch.” Mizuki gave a small nod before leaving with his sister following behind. Cecelia was happy that she got him to wear normal clothes on their first day and not his regular attire but was still trying to convince him not to wear his color contacts, “Do you have my contacts?” Mizuki asked as they walked the halls but suddenly stopped when he sensed that Cecelia wasn’t beside him.

    Cecelia’s blue/green eyes glared into Mizuki’s blue/yellow eyes, “You are not wearing them.” She said, “I knew as soon as we get to a new school, you would try to close yourself off again. But starting today, you are going to be just as welcoming as I will be.” Mizuki rolled his eyes at the statement and headed outside to the courtyard, they both knew that he wouldn’t stay mad for long. Cecelia grinned as she followed the perks of being a twin; you could be mad at each other for a short time before things went back to normal. She managed to conjure of a couple of riceballs and handed one to Mizuki once she found him sitting under a tree, Mizuki gave her a small grin as they both ate in silence.
  19. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member


    I let out a big stretch. Lunch time was just about over and we were all to return to homeroom to finish up the end of the day stuff. This dead student was really interesting to me. "A lizard type monster, eh?" I said to myself. "This could be the perfect chance for me to prove myself and actually get out from some people's thumbs. This is the year I make a name for myself as something other than some damn sports star..maybe then they'll let me be." I grabbed my bag and started walking back into the school. I got to the door as some new guy walked out. He looked up to the sky and completely ignored me, almost as if I didn't even exist. The guy creeped me out, "Who the hell wears a mask to school? This isn't Halloween..." I pulled my bag closer up my shoulder and stepped inside the door, on my way to class.

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