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Monster School: The First Year

Discussion in 'Character Creation' started by Dante Chaos, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Signup sheet:

    Full name:
    Nickname: (not required)
    Monster type:
    Weapons: (Optional, still kids so yeah)

    Note your rating will be decided during a event in the story but will not go above "A"


    - No god play, nobody is invincible here.
    - No deaths, sorry no body will die in this story. Heavenly beat up yeah.
    - Relations: Please wait with steady relations until the story has atleast passed the 2nd term (summer), hints and such can still be done.
    *can be changed in the future.
  2. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    I just did a little bit of cleaning up, so here's the information for this RP.

    Well its a remake from the whole start of it. Here is all the info for now.

    Story settings:

    World: Modern time Earth
    Location: Japan / Alternate dimension
    Time frame: 2000 - 2020
    Style: High school Life, action, supernatural, Seinen
    Restrictions: 16+

    Ability Restrictions:
    - Control of another person may only happen to limited amount, say able to freeze them for a few seconds, full control is impossible at this time (still kids ya know)
    - No kamehameha type attacks please, we a re not dbz characters but monsters

    World information:

    The story takes place in modern time earth, various places around Japan and the monster world will be used in this story.
    Most of the story will be done around the school and its area.

    School: Yokai Academy
    Student Body: 430 students (2 on 1 female/male ratio)
    Faculty: 15 Teachers.
    Area: 462 000 m2 (Excluding Underground area)
    School Building:
    The school buildings are divided into 5 buildings, all buildings are connected trough a skybridge

    - 1st and 2nd year on the east side, swimming pool on top.
    - 3rd and 4th year on the west side, Basketball court on top.
    - Boys dormitory on the south east
    - Girls dormitory on the south west
    - Faculty dormitory on the south between the other two
    - General area is fenced off only access able trough front gate and back gate behind faculty building.
    - Garden in the middle seperating the buildings. used for recreation and lunch.

    The underground is divided into 5 area’s all in a circle below the school grounds
    - 1st area: Fight arena, Betting stalls, various training rooms (North West)
    - 2nd area: Special arena, Elemental training rooms (North East)
    - 3rd area: Special Clubrooms (South West)
    - 4th area: Medical area, storage rooms (South east)
    - 5th area: Grand Arena (middle)

    Every area is connected by a walkway going around the outside and a special hallway directly to the middle.
    Entrance is below the center garden.
    NPC Characters
    Name: Tenmei Mikogami (otherwise known as The Exorcist)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Monster Type: Unknown
    Affiliation: Yōkai Academy
    Relatives: None
    Class: Headmaster
    Weapon: Rosary of Judgement
    Rate: S S S

    Name: Shizuka Nekonome
    Age: late 20's
    Birthday: Unknown
    Monster Type: Nekomusume (possibility werecat)
    Affiliation: Newspaper Club
    Relatives: None
    Class: teacher of Yōkai Academy, Home room teacher
    Weapon: Unknown
    Rate: C
    Personality Her personality is very nice and girly. She says meow too much making it obvious she's a cat. she believes in humans and monsters getting along. Her favorite food is raw fish in the human world.

    Name: Kagome Ririko
    Age: late 20's
    Birthday: Unknown
    Monster Type: Lamia
    Affiliation: Newspaper Club
    Relatives: None
    Class: Math teacher of Yōkai Academy
    Weapon: Unknown
    Rate: B
    Personality Seemingly innocent and deeply concerned for her students' grades, she offers private lessons to anyone willing, though at a price. In the dark recesses of her chambers, she becomes a lamia, with the head and torso of a beautiful woman, but the body of a snake, and uses her abilities to drain students' emotions in exchange for knowledge;

    Name: Okuto Kotsubo
    Age: late 20's
    Birthday: Unknown
    Monster Type: Kraken
    Affiliation: Yōkai Academy
    Relatives: None
    Class: Gym teacher of Yōkai Academy
    Weapon: n/a
    Rate: A
    Personality Though a corrupt and violent teacher he puts up the facade of a professional, caring gym teacher.

    Name: Hitomi Ishigami
    Age: Late 20's
    Birthday: Unknown
    Monster Type: Medusa
    Affiliation: Art Teacher
    Class: Art Teacher
    Weapon: Snake-like Hair
    Rate: B
    Personality: She loves art in many forms. She finds destruction as the purest form of art outside her petrified statues, indicating that she is mentally unstable. She'll toy with and gloat over her opponents, leaving openings.

    Name: Ruby Toujo
    Age: 18-19
    Birthday: Unknown
    Monster Type: Witch
    Affiliation: Yōkai Academy, Newspaper Club
    Relatives: Unnamed Parents (deceased)
    Class: Yokai Academy Staff
    Weapon: Magic by staff stick|magu
    Rate: A
    Personality: She is very loyal and generally seen as being sophisticated and proper, and having the credentials to fill in as a substitute teacher.
    According to Ruby, she lives to take orders from others as she is seen doing what others have told her to do. whether its a plan or a simple task; she has never been seen coming up with ideas on her own or ordering others around.


    Language Arts

    Ranking System:

    Monster type:
    Human: Starts at F
    Beast: Starts at E
    Dragon: Starts at D
    Undead: Starts at E
    Higher class Undead (vampire): Starts at C

    Elemental control: Adds 1/4 rank to base rank only once
    Super human: adds 1/4 to base rank
    Beast ability: adds 1/2 rank to base rank
    Dragon ability: adds 1 rank
    Undead ability: adds 1 rank

    Able to fully control your power: adds 1 rank
    Going beserk: takes 2 ranks
    little control your power: takes 1 rank
    Normal control: add 1/4 rank
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  3. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Full name: Dio Biallo

    Age: 17

    Monster type: Fire Elemental Diablo / Fire Elemental Dragon

    Relatives: Father, Mother (deceased), no other blood relative. Sophie, his sister, blood couldn't make them any closer.

    Dio close up

    Diablo 1
    Diablo 2

    Weapons: In his regular monster form, he has the power to summon a giant two-handed mace which is imbued with the power of fire, giving off heat equivalent to that of molten lava

    Bio: In the world of monsters, there are those who are feared for their ferocity, cruelty, and maliciousness....Dio's ancestor was one of those monsters. Born from the flames of a Phoenix, and dragged through the blood of King Yama himself, Dio's great great great grandfather was destined and doomed to be the terrible Dragon of Diablo. This started the legend and the myth of the Dragon of Diablo. It is said that once every 2000 years, a new dragon is born into this blood line, and only one can exist in the world at any given moment. These are the contracted rules set forth by King Yama and the Order. So far, there have only been three, the only generation skipped was Dio's father.

    Now, the legend has returned when Dio was born. Usually, fire elementals are born from flame, but when they are birthed from a human womb, things take on a different approach. Dio's father fell in love with a human woman through an Ice Mistress' looking glass. He escaped to the human world and brought her back with him. They bore a child shortly after they were married. It was to be a normal conception and birth, but something went terribly wrong. Dio's father wasn't aware of the legend that ran in his family until Dio was born...when he emerged from the womb, Dio was a small dragon...who then proceeded to scorch and destroy everything in his sight...including his own mother; she died three days later. Dio's father has never let him forget such a thing, and thus..Dio is purely afraid of getting close to anyone. However, Dio is unaware of what happened, and has had his powers bound to a tattoo that he wears on his neck.

    When Dio was but a week old, and still in the hospital, he was visited by Six Oracles. They represented King Yama and the Order, the ones who ran Yokai Academy. They performed a six hour ritual known as Filidth Elfennan to bind Dio's powers as the fire dragon. After careful examination, the six determined that Dio was, indeed the most powerful fire dragon that they had ever come across and named him Deathwing the Destroyer. Quickly following the naming ceremony, they bound his powers another five times. They warned that the Six Oracle, sixth hour, six ritual of Filidth Elfennan would only last for so long to keep that demon dormant. Dio's father ensure them that he would kill his son before anything terrible happened again.

    Dio grew up a very oppressed child. His father beat him on a regular basis, and kept him locked in a small room in the crawlspace of their house. Maduin, his father, demanded that Dio recognize that he was the reason his mother was dead and that he didn't deserve the life she had given him. It didn't take Dio long to find a friend who helped him escape from his father.

    Sophie, while being Dio's opposite, was his savior. Her family took him in and gave him shelter from the crazed fire elemental. They unofficially adopted him until the Six Oracles came to them as well, informing them of the dangers of having him in their home. Sophie, however, was quite taken with the boy, and the two became the closest of friends immediately, causing any kind of separation to be nearly impossible. Sophie's parents, unable to deny their daughter the friend she had found, welcome Dio cautiously into their home for one final time. They went through school together, year after year, and now into high school.

    Dio is a very cold-heared, hot-tempered, quiet, intense, and violent person. He is not afraid of any kind of a challenge and will do whatever it takes to win, outside of cheating. He has always done sports of almost any kind, making and breaking records in almost everything he did. Baseball, football, soccer, fencing, and now, in high school, fighting. His powers, while still dormant, have been growing at a fearsome rate. The Six Oracles have placed one of their on in the school to keep Dio on a close watch. The gym teacher, Mr. Kotubo, has been charged with watching Dio and reporting any unusual behavior. He is to keep him under control at any cost...

    I hope that all of this is okay, Dante!!
  4. Domino

    Domino CGO

    Full name: Kaji Mori

    Nickname: N/A (not yet, anyway)

    Age: 16

    Monster type: Wind Elemental/Summoner

    Relatives: Kaji has lived with her aunt and uncle ever since her parents presumably died in a freak accident.

    Human Form: Kaji has dark brown, almost black, hair. She stands at 5'7", and has hazel eyes. She is also very clumsy in her human form.
    Kaji's human form

    Monster Form: In her monster form, Kaji's hair turns green, and she becomes slightly translucent at parts. A swirling wind surrounds her and allows her to float. As a wind elemental she can, obviously, control winds.
    Kaji's monster form

    Weapons: Fans/wind attacks


    Kaji has been an orphan ever since the age of 7 when her parents were killed in a freak car accident. She has lived with her aunt and uncle ever since. Just recently her powers have started to manifest themselves, and she can no longer attend school in the human world as she had been. Kaji heard of Youkai High School for monsters from a traveler. She shrugged it off as the word of a crazy man, but once her powers began to show, she threw herself into a search for the place. Unbeknownst to her, the monster world was already aware of her presence and the destruction her powers were causing, and she received a letter less than a week later, summoning her to the Yokai school for monsters, signed by the Oracles. It was then that her aunt and uncle told her the truth about her parents. Kaji had been left at her human parents' doorstep 16 years ago. They adopted her and raised her as their own until that terrible day they were taken from Kaji. With a new determination to find her real parents and find out who she is, she bid her aunt and uncle a tearful farewell and headed to Yokai Monster School. She arrived only a week before classes started, and has had quite the culture shock. Going from not even knowing monsters existed outside of fairy tales, ghost stories, and whatever other research she did, the shock of seeing all the different monsters seems almost too much to bear at times.

    The only thing that has kept her sane through this transition is her diary. She keeps track of her life through said diary, which at times seems to be her only friend. Kaji still can't control her powers, and is constantly chasing her things around and rearranging her room. So far, she hasn't made any real friends and stays locked in her dorm room most of the time, wondering if she'll ever find what she came looking for.
  5. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Nice, i shall post my bio soon aswell.
    Cant find the old topic anymore though so have to do it from memory.
  6. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Site Administrator

    Full name: Sophie Silvinesti

    Nickname: n/a perhaps she will get one through the story


    Monster type: Cold Elemental/ Silver Dragon

    Relatives: She has her Parents both of whom are also Silver Dragons. More explained in Bio.
    She has he adopted/Foster Brother Dio. As in Dio's Sheet they are extremely close and blood could not make them any closer.


    Sophie in Dragon Form
    She is smaller in her dragon form than most dragons but that is due to she is a juvenile. Her scales are silver and glitter in the sunlight. The iris's of her eyes are not actually silver but look like liquid mercury when you look at them. As she gets older the pupils will disappear and look entirely like a pool of mercury. Its one thing she cannot hide even in human form is her eyes.

    Weapons: The only weapons she has are natural ones. This includes her draconic strength as a silver dragon as well as claws and teeth in dragon form. Though she has her strength even in Human form. Then she has two breath weapons. One is Deadly which is her breath of cold blasting. Basically instead of breathing fire she breaths ice. The second is not deadly it is just casues Paralysis for a short time.


    We will start with a brief run down and description of silver dragons first.

    Silvers are one of the true dragon races. There are second in strength and power to Red Dragons and Gold Dragons. They are actually natural rivals with red dragons as they tend to like the same environments for living. Silvers enjoy spending time in human forms as they love to learn more of the short lived creatures. They also love to learn in general. The have a fascination for food as they love to eat and experience new tastes.

    Even with their friendly nature and knowledge Silvers are a very rare dragon even as dragons go. They tend to live luxuriously even for dragons as they are always quick to amass wealth, Even their lairs are like a mansion with seperate rooms for studies, bedroom, kitchens. Its like a mansion only for dragons. Though they tend to live in mansions in human form more often then not.

    Their physiclly one of the most beautiful ragon races. Both in human form and in dragon form. Another reason they are rare as they are highly sought after or claimed as prizes by those obsessed with their beauty. Whether this is for love or more evil natures it has made Silvers very protective. This is why Sophie's parents are very protective over her.

    Sophie has lived a good life so far with two loving parents if not somewhat over protective. Even when she found Dio and brought him home like a stray animal asking to keep it. This made her parents very concerned since he was indeed a red and they knew it. They also knew of his history as Sophie's parents had secret ties to the dragons refered to as the Oracles. They were keepers of knowledge after all. They felt if they took him in the could at least try to curb some of the hate and visciousness of the red dragons. This nature is extremely prevalent in Dio's natural father.

    So far it has worked to an extent. Mostly on Sophie's part as its the first time silvers and reds have ever been friends let alone fiercly close like siblings. The Oracles did indeed pay a visit and give their warnings. Due to the nature of Sophie's parents and their connections they did let Dio stay. Yet they left in Sophie's care a pendant which she was told never to take off. Sophie was only told it would match Dio should he ever become very angry was all she was told. So it only reacts to Dio's anger. Of course her parents know alot more of the pendant but could do little as it was ordered by the oracles who reigned.

    Over the years its true Dio and Sophie are the closest of sibling to the point you would think they were real sibling short of anyone who knows their dragon races are rivals. They also know their friendship is practically unheard of and still thought to be impossible by many other dragon clans. Though with Sophie being a Silver it has benefitted her over protective parents. With Dio around being a red, even power locked, he is the overprotective big brother when it comes to his younger sister. To this day though Sophie's paretns love Dio as much as they do Sophie, and Dio's nature even with his temper and violence is nothing compared to the evil nature of most reds.

    Both Dio and Sophie coming from the wealth of the Silvinesti family have no material wants. They are considered your high class of monsters. As well Sophie loves the mountains and the cold and especially loves to Star Gaze on a clear cold night. She is only younger than Dio by half a year. He is a fire so most likely born in the ehat of summer where as Sophie being a silver would have been born in the winter hatching in a pile of snow. Since Sophie is a pure dragon she was born as normal dragons are not like Dio who's natural mother had been human and could not have survived birthing a red unless she ahd been one herself as all red dragons come out wildly and breathing fire. At least this was how Sophie's paretns reassured Sophie and Dio that the past was not his fault.
  7. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

  8. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Damn thats a loooonngg bio haha nice one though. Like the use of the teacher. Gives him a reason to be anoying aswell lol. Can use that bio (insert evil laugh)

    Full name: Rune Moon
    Nickname: Black Ice
    Age: 15
    Monster type: Ice man
    - Mother: Yuki Moon, Leader of the snow woman tribe residing at Mount Saint
    - Sister: Saiya Moon, Twin sister of Rune. Hyperactive and loves to annoy her brother.
    - Father: Raiyan Moon, One of the three Dark Lords
    - Human Form:
    http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs28/i/2008/ ... michan.png
    - Monster Form:
    http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs37/f/2008/ ... bezial.jpg

    Weapons: Ice Scythe

    During a great blizzard a twin boy and girl where born high on top the mountain Saint in the Snow womans village. Both the boy and girl had white hair. During birth the snow woman test their child's power by stimulating them with fire causing them to use their icy power. The girl emited white ice while the boy emited black ice. Both parents where suprised when this happened and kept this a secret from the others. They put a seal on his back making the black ice turn white.

    When Rune was 7 he was send to a boarding school away from his mother and sister making him shut his hard completely. Every girl who aproached him got turned down and no guy ever spoke to him.
    He finally finished the boarding school and returned home feeling relieved to see his mother and sister again but hated his father for sending him away.
    He choose Yokai High as a school so he could live away from his father and to his suprise his twin sister came along.

    You know i wrote this bio 10 times over lol. couldt make up my mind.

    Full name: Saiya Moon
    Nickname: Happy Feet
    Age: 15
    Monster type: Snow Woman
    - Mother: Yuki Moon, Leader of the snow woman tribe residing at Mount Saint
    - Brother: Rune Moon, Twin brother of Saiya. Silent and emotionless exact opisite of Saiya.
    - Father: Raiyan Moon, One of the three Dark Lords
    - Human Form:
    http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/ ... 4bgj55.jpg
    - Monster Form:
    http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/ ... 37kv14.png

    Weapons: Ice Spear
    Born as Runes twin sister she did not share his fate of going to boarding school. She was met with warmth and caring from her mother. She was also opposed of her brother going to boarding school but there was little she could do against it.
    When Rune came back she was very excited and was always near him. Rune did not mind this as he loved her company.
    She is very friendly and bright compared to her brother and loves to dance. the way she walks earned her the nickname Happy Feet. She is friendly to everyone and makes friends quickly.
    She is however very protective of her brother and takes out anyone trying to make a move on him. More for the safety of the attacker than her brother.
  9. Steel

    Steel RRS CEO Staff Member

    Domino edited her profile!

    In the infamous words of Kaji: "Variety is the spice of life."
  10. Domino

    Domino CGO

    Yay! My character is now fully updated and up to standard.
  11. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    Nice, lets start this thing soon.

    Il make a opening post soon.
  12. Sayuri

    Sayuri New Member

    Is this rp still active? If so I would like to join...if thats okay. :)
  13. Aziroth

    Aziroth Member

    I second this. I know that this thread is 2 years old, but I think a new MS rp would be fun to do again!
  14. Dante Chaos

    Dante Chaos RRS CTO Staff Member

    We did got to a certain part but due RL stuff kinda forgot to post.
    Need to review the entire play then see where we left off.
  15. Aziroth

    Aziroth Member

    Full name: Azeyzel Hellyion (Hell-ee-uhn)
    Nickname: Azy
    Age: 16 in appearance, but is 1600 years old. (100 years from every 1 year of human life while living in Hael)
    Monster type: Vampire/Blood Mage
    Relatives: An older sister, Avaryss, Age 23, and a younger sister, Az'elice , Age 14. Avaryss takes care of both Azeyzel and Az'elice since the death of their father from hunters.


    Human Form

    Monster Form

    Ultimate Form
    (will not obtain 3rd form till graduation of high school)

    Weapons/Magic: Azeyzel has 3 stages of form, or evolution, if you could put it that way, based upon how strong the blood runs in his veins from feeding. The first form is simply his human form, which he can use his blood manipulation magic to take control of his victims like a puppet, bending their will to his. It doesn't take very much to use this power, however, He can only control 1 victim at this stage. His second form allows him to control the temperature of his victims blood, making their blood boil, essentially making the heart pump faster and putting strain on his victims muscles, as well as freezing it, essentially freezing their movement until they cannot move. This form allows him to control up to 5 victims. His final form unlocks his ultimate ability, which allows him to extract the blood of his victims through any orifice, even through the sweat pores in the body, until the victim is shriveled and withered. This ability is a mass feed, and he only uses it to fuel his blood magic even further in case of dire needs.

    History: Azeyzel was born in a separate realm, dark and cruel. Humans did not exist in this dimension, nor discover it until much later. The land he was from was called Orzhova. It was essentially an anarchy. Anyone could do anything to anyone and chances of survival were slim. Humans later discovered this dimension through means of dark magic and after witnessing its chaos, named it Hael (or Hell).

    Despite chaos in the land, there was order, and that order was upheld by a group known as the Death Watch. Aristocratic in nature, and an insatiable cure for power, these people became what is now known as, in the human world, Elders. The Elders were powerful, and not one person dared to oppose their authority in fear of death, and much worse, second death (as the first death would only allow them to reincarnate as another being and second death being erased from existence). The elders formulated economics, culture, and even gave birth to literature. The developed a University to teach magic, for those who could wield it, and eventually use the new pupils to spread their order across the land. Many species of monsters roam this land, like vampires, and demons, but there are also angels, though these angels are not your typical winged beings of light. Angels in this realm look more like wraiths and devour the very essence of your soul, causing second death if fallen victim to their power.

    Pic of Orzhova

    Azeyzel did not know his parents, however, he was taken care of by his older sister, Avaryss. She was a vampire like him, but did not share in the same gifts that he had possessed. He also had a little sister, by the name of Az'elice. She was 2 years younger than he, and again, did not share the same gifts. It was thought that only males in the vampiric species could wield the power of blood magic, but no one knew if this was true or not. Having no parents to nurture, and teach him of his abilities, Avaryss sought out to teach her brother herself, of what she knew, and when he was just turning 12, she emitted him to the Death Watch University of Magic. There, he would develop his magic and learn new skills to further nurture his abilities in blood magic.

    After being taught about his various forms, He learned to harness his strength and master its control over them. Azeyzel was given a seal in the form of a tattoo, that would only initiate his ultimate form if he was about to slip into the darkness and forever perish. In this way, he would be able to use his mass feeding ability to regain his life, at the cost of others. Because there was chaos in the land of Orzhova, this was not looked down upon as a sin.

    After graduating the university, having mastered his first and second forms of his abilities, Azeyzel sought to enter the Human realm to escape the chaos of his home land. The Death Watch were not permitted to leave the land, but anyone who dared to adventure could do so at their own risk. Azeyzel, and his sisters, sought the Dark Archons, who would perform the ritual to open the gates to the human realm.

    Upon entering, Azeyzel was met with a terrible fate and shift in time, and his thirst for blood increased exponentially, causing him to lose control of himself. Because the blood magic did not affect female vampires, they were not affected as much as he was, and they tried to help him as much as possible.

    The year in the human realm was around 1460, and it started with small villages. His sister, Avaryss, would lure villagers with her beauty and drain their blood into canisters, later being brought to Azeyzel so he could feed on their blood. The humans blood was not as satiating as the blood of demons and Angels in Orzhova, and as time went on, villages soon turned into decimating city populations.

    As time went on, Azeyzel learned to cope with this ailment and his older sister tried her best to take care of him, as well as her younger sister, Az'elice. The year was 1810, and more vampires were entering the human realm, at least more than before. A new society was soon established, having brought the aristocratic way of life from Orzhova to the human realm. Vampires of all ages began to formulate their own society, feeding off humans and building their power and nobility, whilst keeping themselves secret to the later generations of humans. As vampires began to spread, like a chaotic pandemic, the truth of vampires began to fade into a myth. Humans in this time did not believe in them, and it was the perfect cover.

    Avaryss was one of the first noble vampires, having created a line of pure blood vampires herself in the chaos to feed her brother. They were known as the Hellyion clan, and although they were popular with fame in the vampire community, they were unknown in the human community. Avaryss sought to change this, and because her brother appeared as the age of 16 at this time, she enrolled him in a school for monsters. He would be tasked with learning more about the human realm and it's inhabiters, as well as gaining knowledge with the newly discovered species of dragons and other monsters alike. Az'elice was not enrolled at this time, as she still appeared to be much younger than the enrollment age.

    Bio: Azeyzel is a type of loaner, not having much skills with making friends, as it was only him and his sisters. He constantly fears for others, of himself, and tends to not stay around people as much as possible. If he was in Orzhova, he wouldn't have this fear, but the fate that was sealed upon entering the human realm has made him cautious. Azeyzel prefers to wear a hoodie to mask his appearance, and to protect his skin from the UV light, something of which did not exist in Orzhova. Because of this condition, he has been expelled from any daily activities with the other students and instead takes up his time in the underground training facilities.

    If I have missed anything, Dante, please let me know.
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  16. Sayuri

    Sayuri New Member

    Here's mine!

    Name: Cecelia
    Nickname: Celia
    Age: 17
    Monster type: Lightening and Water Elemental

    Relatives: Father, Mother, Grandfather, Mizuki, 3 younger siblings

    Human form: http://wen-m.deviantart.com/art/Gift-Shennille-54420078 her long hair color is black with silver tips and her eyes are like her brothers but one is blue and the other is green.

    Monster form: http://s252.photobucket.com/user/saphire4j/media/anime/Girls/Goddess/animewatergoddess.jpg.html
    But with this outfit: http://lotuslumino.deviantart.com/art/Adoptable-Star-Outfit-Auction-CLOSED-509507683

    Weapons: Sai

    Bio: Usually quiet like her brother but will talk once she’s gotten use to her surroundings. Both her and her bother have a bit of a temper but Mizuki seems to have his under control better than Celia, a little bit of her demon side shows and anyone in her path sometimes get hurt even though she doesn’t mean for it to happen but being raised in a big multi-lingual family can get under anyone’s skin. As a kid she learned many languages of both human and monster races and one ancient language from her grandfather. She moved to the human world to study to be a world translator but had to come back when her grandfather took ill and Mizuki almost let his powers loose on a school bully. Now being enrolled at Yokai Academy, she hopes that things will turn out for the better.

    Name: Mizuki

    Nickname: Zuki (sister calls him this)

    Age: 17

    Monster Type: Water Demon

    Relatives: Father, Mother, Grandfather, Cecelia, 3 younger siblings

    Human form: http://i42.tinypic.com/sy7a02.jpg
    His eyes are different colors and mostly wears semi formal kimonos

    Monster Form: http://www.fallenfeather.com/gall/thor2.jpg

    Weapons: Sickle and Chain (human weapon)

    Monster Special Attack – Floodgate Wave Blast: By gathering moisture in the air, a forceful is created to blast the enemy.

    Bio: He is a man of few words and emotions, but is gentle and pure at heart. The regret he feels sometimes for having taken a cold stance is also quite adorable. Mizuki is the eldest of five children, as is his sister Cecelia by five minutes which makes her younger than him. He also took to learning multi languages very fast as a child because of the big family he was born into, some would say he is a bit overprotective of his sisters with him being the only boy in the bunch but he keeps his composer and lets them live their lives. At the age of 11 Mizuki was sent to a village where he could train and control his water ability hence why he rarely shows any emotions.
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    I so need to reread everything.
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