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Hanna (2011)

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by ggyppt, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. ggyppt

    ggyppt New Member

    Movie: Hanna (2011)

    Plot: The plot centers on Hanna, a girl who lives in the forest with her Father. Her father Erik Heller is ex CIA and trains Hanna to fight. On day, he sets up this beacon which is connected to a switch. Erik tells her that it lets the other CIA people know where they are and that she is the only one that can get close enough to kill this one lady in the CIA. Once Hanna pushes the switch, she is trust into the real world which she is not accustomed to because she has lived in isolation all of her life. 10/10

    Main Characters: All of the main characters are well done and have great plot arcs. Each also have their own motives that we can understand in most cases, and in the cases where we can’t, I don’t think we are supposed to. Hanna is probably the best out of the group, especially with her interactions with Sophie, a girl who she meets on her journey. Hanna and Sophie have some very strong chemistry with each other, and you can tell that they like each other beyond friends, but it never gets to the point where it is sexual beyond a chaste kiss in one scene. 10//10

    Minor characters: The rest of Sophie’s family and the side villains are all really memorable and have each, a unique personality. I actually hesitate to call them minor characters because of how well they are written. I would rather say that they are underused main characters, but I know that I am wrong in that regard, but still, it is a really good thing when you can’t make the distinctions. 10/10

    Sets: All of it is really well done, especially the theme park based off of Grim’s fairy tales. Not much more I can say. 10/10

    Special effects: All I can say, is that they are limited, and if there were some, they were unnoticeable, which is a very good thing. 10/10

    Acting: All of the acting was top notch for their parts and I can tell there is talent in this cast, especially in the role of Hanna. 10/10

    Writing: The writing was brilliant, and nothing that I expected at the beginning of the film came true and that is a good thing with this film. It takes it off in a new direction that leads me to love the film and how it comes to its conclusion. 10/10

    Mood/ Message: This movie has two real meaning, one is a growing up story, and the other and more impactful one is looking at the world with unclouded eyes. The real defining scene for this is early in the movie when she first finds electricity. It is really a great scene to watch and the growing up story is strewed throughout. 10/10

    Visual: In this movie, the camera does some things that I haven’t seen in any other movies and I think that it works for this movie and this movie only. The way the camera moves in this movie wouldn’t work for other films, but it is just right for this one. 10/10

    Impact: I still think about this film and what it means, and I can see the majority of the film in my head with only vague dialog, hey, I saw it twice in theaters and it isn’t out on DVD as far as I can tell yet. This film is one that I’d advise anyone who isn’t adverse to lesbian relationships to watch this film. 10/10

    Overall: If you can’t tell, I adore this film. It is my perfect film, and once out on DVD, I will watch it again and again. 100/100

    Sexual Content: none
    Language: minor to medium (can’t quite remember, it’s been out of theaters a couple of months now)
    Blood/Violence: medium to major
    Other Objectionable Content: lesbian relationship.

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