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Aurion Tube! What..?

Discussion in 'Riff Tube' started by Xalx Aurion, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Xalx Aurion

    Xalx Aurion Member

    For no real reason, I've just decided I'm going to start posting some of my youtube videos here for whoever wants to watch them :p.

    I'll start with one of my latest videos, and from there I'll include in the post wether the videos I link are new or older.

    First Video:

    For some reason the preview doesn't come up with this video. OH WELL. *Pif*
  2. Domino

    Domino CGO

    Pretty sweet vid, Xalx. Music goes rather well with the animation. I haven't ever really been into Halo or anything related, but good video, nonetheless.

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